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  1. Straight Bet – Betting the Spread – If you bet the spread on a College Basketball game, you’re choosing a winner that must either exceed the spread assigned by the sportsbook (the favorite), or meet the spread assigned by the sportsbook (the underdog). In other words, a game with a 10 point spread means the favorite must win by 11 points or more, while the underdog can’t lose by 11 points or more. A game result separated by exactly 10 points means the bet pushes and you get your money back.
  2. Straight Bet – Over/Under Total – Total betting pits player against the sportsbook’s oddsmaker. Prior to each game, the oddsmaker will assign a point value that represents the combined final scores of each team. Based on this number, you can choose that the actual result will be OVER the oddsmaker’s guess or UNDER the oddsmaker’s guess. A game with a 58 point total means betting OVER would win if the combined point total is 59 or more, while betting UNDER would win if the combined point total is 57 or less.
  3. Exotic Bet – Parlay Betting – Parlay betting can be a risky alternative to straight bets, but rewards players with substantially higher payouts if their bets are successful. Parlay betting is easy: simply pick the winners of 2 or more games and the amount of money you want to wager. Your wager will be successful if all your picks win. If one or more games TIE or "PUSH", the tying games are removed from the bet and the parlay drops down in number to the next non-tying game. For example, an 7 team parlay bet with 1 ties turns into a 6 team parlay bet.
  4. Exotic Bet – Proposition Betting – Many online sportsbooks offer a huge variety of College Basketball betting propositions, which are essentially bets on events that may or may not happen in the future. Generally speaking, the sportsbook’s oddsmaker will assign odds to some potential event – for example the first coach to get thrown out of a game – and customers will win the wager if they pick the right coach that gets ejected first. Propositions or "Props" are particularly popular for the annual March Madness Tournaments.
  5. Exotic Bet – Futures Bets – Even before the College Basketball season begins, many sportsbooks offer odds on the eventual winner of the season’s championship game. These bets are known as "futures bets" and are difficult to win. The upside is that a winning bet typically pays a ton of cash, making futures bets particularlay enticing for players with a knack for picking winnings. Odds are usually expressed by how much money will be paid per $100 bet, ie. a winning Futures Bet on a College Basketball champion with +1100 odds means the player wins $1100.