Exacta Box Betting


An Exacta Box bet is picking the top two horses finishing in ANY order. This bet improves your chances of winning because you choose more than 2 horses and order doesn’t matter.

There’s a catch. Exacta Box bets cost more than a straight Exacta. Each possible winning combination is $1.

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The following video explains how to place this bet. The steps are the same for Exacta, Trifecta and Superfecta. Rewind the video to review each straight bet.

Exacta Box Cost Calculation: ((Number of horses) x (Number of horses – 1)) x (Cost per combination)

A 3 horse Exacta Box means there are 6 possible finishing combinations. Your bet will cost $12, $2 per combination.
3 horse cost = (3 horses x (3 horses -1)) x $2 = $12
4 horse cost = (4 horses x (4 horses -1)) x $2 = $24
5 horse cost = (5 horses x (5 horses -1)) x $2 = $40

Example: $2 Exacta Box Bet

Sample for how to make an Exacta Box Bet from a horse racebook.
Exact Bet Sample

  1. Select the "Exacta Bet" from your racebook’s wagering menu.
  2. Note the horses in the race, listed on the left. The next "ML" column lists the odds.
  3. Select 3 horses to finish first and second. Remember, final order does not matter. In this diagram, the first horse has 2:1 odds. The second horse has 5:2 odds. The third horse has 15:1 odds.
  4. You must click the blue "Box" button. This indicates the bet is an Exacta Box and not a straight Exacta.
  5. ***Notes: 2 of your 3 horses must finish first and second.
    For example you bet horses James, Sam and Larry. Suppose Sam and Larry finish first and second, respectively. The bet would win. If James and Sam finished first and second, the bet would also win. But if horse Mark ends up first or second, the bet would lose. You did not choose Mark in your box.
3 Horse Exacta Box Cost and Combinations
Finishing Order Cost Each
13,2 $2
2,13 $2
13,9 $2
9,13 $2
9,2 $2
2,9 $2
Total Cost $12

Exacta Box Cost Calculation: ((Number of horses) x (Number of horses – 1)) x (Cost per combination)

Exacta Box Costs, $2 Per Combination
Horses Combinations Total

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