What is a Over Under Total Bet?


What is a Over or Under Total Bet
Info Details
Definition The total is the sum of both team’s points. The player bets whether the total will be over or under the sportsbook’s prediction.
Bet Type Standard
Odds See each matchup’s total listed next to point spread and moneyline odds.
Sportsbooks All USA Sportsbooks
Example Sportsbook predicts Over 44 point total for 49ers vs Titans paying -120. Player wagers $120 to win $100 Over 44. Final total is 49. Player wins.
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An Over or Under Total pits the player against the sportsbook. The concept is simple: given a combined point total from the sportsbook, will the final score be over or under this prediction? It’s generally an either-or type of bet that doesn’t get muddied with a lot of technical bookmaking procedures.

Over or Under Total bets will push if the final number equals the sportsbook’s prediction. Occasionally sportsbooks will increment totals in .5 or 1/2 point increments. That means the final score will either be over or under with no possibility of a tie.

Example: Steelers vs. Seahawks

1. Sportsbook’s prediction. Look at your sportsbook’s odds page. Search for the Total section. Suppose our example is listed 56o -120. That means the sportsbook is predicting Over 56 points paying -120.

2. We decide if the final total will be Over or Under 56. This is the easy part. It’s like flipping a coin, although making an informed wager will be more profitable.

3. We select Over 56 paying -120. The final total is 60, over the sportsbook’s 56 point prediction. We collect $100 for $120 wagered.

Much like spread betting, sportsbooks attempt to balance their action. They don’t want too many people betting “Over” because that indicates a bad prediction. Likewise, a slew of people choosing “Under” also means the sportsbook’s prediction might have been wrong. Instead, an equal number of bettors choosing either Over or Under works in the sportsbook’s favor. The sportsbook will balance its action and make money on the juice.

Point totals are subject to change. Always check your sportsbook’s odds page before a matchup begins.

Total bets are offered for sports with two competing teams. Point Totals with .5 or 1/2 point increments indicate a sportsbook does not want to tie. Therefore your bet will either win or lose. No ties will result and no money will be returned.

Advanced gamblers can bet multiple Over or Under Total bets in a parlay. Totals can be utilized in Teaser Bets. This bet is great for novice gamblers just getting into sports betting. Shapr bettors jump on Total Bets when they see the sportsbook made a bad prediction.

You decide. Will the sum of each team’s points be over or under what the sportsbook predicts? That’s the crux of the over or under total bet.

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