What is a Parlay Card?


What is a Parlay Card
Info Details
Definition Parlay Cards list the possible payouts for each number of predictions in one parlay.
Bet Type Exotic
Odds Not applicable. Parlay cards are a payout reference item.
Sportsbooks Select USA Sportsbooks
Example See table below.
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Parlay betting can be exciting, especially if you win big. Parlay Cards are mini-guide books to how your sportsbook pays out parlays. A traditional parlay card is used in many Las Vegas sportsbooks, in addition to a few offshore sportsbooks. The parlay card lists the number of teams wagered, followed by the payout. Bookmark this page now. You’ll want to check later to see how much money you made!

Traditional Parlay Card Example

Number of Teams Payout
2 Team Parlay 13 to 5
3 Team Parlay 6 to 1
4 Team Parlay 10 to 1
5 Team Parlay 20 to 1
6 Team Parlay 40 to 1
7 Team Parlay 75 to 1
8 Team Parlay 100 to 1
9 Team Parlay 150 to 1
10 Team Parlay 300 to 1
11 Team Parlay 450 to 1
12 Team Parlay 600 to 1
13 Team Parlay 750 to 1
14 Team Parlay 900 to 1
15 Team Parlay 1500 to 1

What do all those numbers mean?

Have a look at the 8 team parlay payout. You’ll notice that the payout is 100 to 1. That means a successful bet returns $100 for every $1 wagered. Therefore a successful $1 8 team parlay pays $100 and a successful $5 8 team parlay pays $500. Payouts are expressed as n:1, where n is the ratio of money won per $1 dollar. The only exception is the 2 team parlay: for every $5 wagered, you’ll get $13 in return. A successful $10 2 team parlay bet pays $26, while a successful $20 2 team parlay wager pays $52.

Parlay cards come with their own terms and conditions. Following is a sample set of parlay card terms and conditions. Please review your sportsbook’s House Rules carefully to see which restrictions apply.

  • 1. If you lose any game on your parlay bet, the entire bet loses.
  • 2. If you bet a 2 team parlay and any of the games ties the spread, the parlay becomes a straight bet. Essentially, the game that
    ties is null and you get standard odds on your remaining game.
  • 3. If 2 or more teams push in a multi-contest parlay, you don’t lose. The parlay drops down to the next payout level.
    example, a 4 team parlay with one a game push becomes a 3 team parlay. Likewise, a 10 team parlay with a one game push becomes a 9 team parlay. If two
    teams tie the spread, you subtract 2 games from your parlay total. A 6 team parlay bet with 2 pushes becomes a 4 team parlay. Two or more pushes
    is rare. If there is any adjustment in the parlay it will be the result of one team pushing.
  • 4. Maximum Parlay bet payout: Most sportsbooks specify a Maximum payout on any one parlay bet. Usually, this amount is in the neighborhood of
    $100,000 USD. This provision is meant to protect the sportsbook from paying out a huge win, especially in the rare event that a huge parlay bet comes in. If $100 was bet on 15 teams, the potential payout would be a staggering $150,000. The maximum payout rule is a sportsbook’s insurance policy against run-away parlay bet wins.

Universal to offshore sportsbooks is how thet bet is modified if one of your predictions pushes. The parlay moves down one unit to the next payout amount. A 10 team parlay with one push turns into a 9 team parlay. A 4 team parlay with 1 push becomes a 3 team parlay. 2 pushes are rare, but if they do happen, 2 units are subtracted from the parlay amount. A 6 team parlay with 2 pushes becomes a 4 team parlay, just as a 11 team parlay with 2 pushes becomes a 9 team parlay.

If any of your sportsbook’s parlay rules are confusing, ask for an explanation. In most cases, support representatives can explain bets more clearly over the phone or email. Don’t bet blind or else you’ll get whacked with a huge loss!

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