March Madness Odds 2024 -


2024 NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament Odds

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Michigan State
Miami (FL)
Florida Atlantic
Texas A&M
Texas Tech
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March Madness is the high we all need following a few weeks of downtime after the Super Bowl. This is college basketball at its finest: over 64 of the nation’s top basketball teams are selected to play in one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world. The tournament is played “knock-out” or “single elimination” style, making every game a pass or fail test for each team involved. The losers go home and wait for another chance at March Madness glory until next year. The winners press on to further rounds of the tournmanet, where the competition only gets more fierce.

The term “March Madness” was coined years ago to describe the excitement and anticipation of the annual D1A basketball tournament. After Selection Sunday – when the final participants are picked and placed in the tournament bracket – operations at offices, college campuses, and even grocery stores ground to halt as each person routes on their favorite teams. March Madness bracket pools and pick’em style contests are very popular in large offices, where the person with the most accurate bracket takes home the grand prize. Additionally, many online sportsbooks offer multi-million dollar bracket contests, awarding anyone who picks a perfect bracket well over $1 million dollars in prize money. Smaller reward amounts are handed out to customers with near perfect brackets.

Aside from March Madness Bracket contests, many sports bettors like to focus on individual team matchups. In the early stages of the tournament, it’s customary to see top seeded teams playing much weaker opponents. As a result, taking the better seeded team as the favorite obviously makes sense. Parlay bets are also popular at the beginning. Some bettors will take all the #1 seeds as their picks for a four team parlay, since they traditionally play #16 seeded opponents. This bet may not pay a lot in winnings, but at the very minimum it’s definitely easy money. Trouble strikes, however, in the rare event a #16 team beats a #1 team (which has happened in the history of the tournament). If that happens, you’ll lose your parlay, and go crazy as the “Madness” of the annual Men’s D1A Basketball Tournament roars on.

Another favorite time to bet is during the final stage of the tournament, known as the “Final Four”. The 4 remaining teams that have beaten all of their opponents meet and play the National Semi-final, to determine the final two teams for the National Championship game. Chances are, most people’s brackets are busted by this point in the tournament, so it makes sense to try and earn a little cash on the final games. A 2 team parlay bet picking the National Final contestants is a popular bet, but also risky: the Final Four teams are immensely skilled and fired up from 2 weeks of winning basketball games, and this makes picking winners all the more challenging.

Please be sure to review our list of USA sportsbook deposit options to fund your sportsbook player’s account. Don’t wait any longer, or else you risk getting lost in the last-minute crowd. Always fund your account a few days before the Madness begins, and THEN make your bets as game tip-offs draw near.