Stanley Cup Betting


2023 Stanley Cup Odds

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Colorado Avalanche
Toronto Maple Leafs
Carolina Hurricanes
Tampa Bay Lightning
Florida Panthers
Calgary Flames
Edmonton Oilers
Vegas Golden Knights
New York Rangers
Pittsburgh Penguins
Minnesota Wild
Boston Bruins
St. Louis Blues
Los Angeles Kings
Nashville Predators
New York Islanders
Washington Capitals
New Jersey Devils
Ottawa Senators
Dallas Stars
Vancouver Canucks
Detroit Red Wings
Columbus Blue Jackets
Winnipeg Jets
Seattle Kraken
Anaheim Ducks
Philadelphia Flyers
Buffalo Sabres
San Jose Sharks
Montreal Canadiens
Chicago Blackhawks
Arizona Coyotes
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BetRivers BetRivers
10/07/22 2:00pm EDT
10/08/22 2:00pm EDT
10/11/22 7:30pm EDT
Golden Knights
10/11/22 10:00pm EDT
Blue Jackets
10/12/22 7:00pm EDT
Maple Leafs
10/12/22 7:00pm EDT
10/12/22 7:00pm EDT
10/12/22 9:30pm EDT
10/12/22 10:00pm EDT
10/12/22 10:00pm EDT

Do you live for hockey? Do you get the gambler’s itch during the dog days of summer, waiting for the chance to bet on the NHL? Well here’s your chance to win money with the most important series of the year: The Stanley Cup Finals. Whether you’re from the USA, Canada, Europe, or beyond, there’s no doubt the Stanley Cup finals showcase the very best teams in hockey, offering fans nail-biter games that come down to the last second or an excruciating series of penalty shots. Now that your hockey blood is pumping, how about making the games a bit more interesting? Why not bet the money line on the top contender, even if your own favorite team was eliminated weeks ago? You could win big and take the family to Disney World, spending summer enjoying yourself instead of watching hockey re-runs on ESPN.

Some of the most exciting Stanley Cup wagers are prop bets. Who will score the first goal? Will the series be a clean sweep? Which goalie will have a shut-out game? Unlike football or basketball, the difference between winning or losing can come down to one goal, opposed to several baskets or touchdowns. So, the best way to bet is on the money line, props, or parlay spanning multiple games. If you go with props, do your homework: some sportsbooks don’t offer the best returns on prop bets, because many times they are lures for recreational gamblers. Research each team carefully, checking the top players and goalies before you put any of your hard earned money down. You’ll thank us when you cash your ticket!

Avoid betting on Stanley Cup futures early in the NHL season if possible, unless there is an absolutely dominant team that will make the finals without a doubt. Otherwise, futures bets are extremely risky. If you make a bad call, your money will evaporate before your eyes, sometimes long before the actual Stanley Cup finals are contested. Play it smart and keep NHL futures bets small, $10 or less. That way, you can enjoy the wager without sweating a huge loss if it doesn’t go your way. Save the big bucks for single game bets: they’re the safest and most profitable wagers compared to all others.

Please be sure to review our list of USA sportsbook deposit options to fund your sportsbook player’s account. Don’t wait any longer, or else you risk getting lost in the last-minute crowd. Always fund your account a few days before the Stanley Cup Finals begin, and THEN make your bets as the game start draws near.